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Title: Development of technological sour-milk desserts enriched with bifidobacteria
Authors: Solomon A., Bondar M., Dyakonova A.
Keywords: keywords:bifidobacteria, sour-milk bacteria, fruit-berry prebiotics, probiotics, synbiotics, sour-milk desserts
Date of publication: 2019-04-11 09:00:11
Last changes: 2019-04-11 09:00:11
Year of publication: 2019
Summary: The work is devoted to the development of the technology of fermented sour-milk desserts, enriched with bifidobacteria and biologically active and physiologically valuable substances of fruit-berry raw materials. Bifidobacteria regulate the quality and quantity composition of the normal intestinal microfllora that is an important factor of organism protection from different intestinal infections. The healthy effect is mainly conditioned by biologically valuable properties of specially selected consortiums of lacto- and bifidobacteria, more stable for the effect of inhibitors and unfavorable environmental conditions. At the joint use of selected consortiums of strains of bifido- and lactobacteria, the number of viable cells of bifidobacteria increases in 3–4 times, the antagonistic activity increases comparing with using separate strains of microorganisms.
The use of fructose and lactulose as a biostimulating component of sour-milk desserts raises the activity, growth and development of bifidobacteria. For stabilizing the structure of sour-milk clots, there were used hydrocalloids, such as pectin and starch that favors the increase of the number of viable cells of bifidobacteria, provides the necessary viscosity and certain humidity, prevents stratification at using fruit-berry prebiotics. The optimal storage term of sour-milk desserts at temperature (3±1) о С is no more than 15 days.
Publication type: Статті
Publication: EUREKA: Life Sciences. - 2019. - N. 2. - P. 20-25.
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