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Title: Insurance in tourism
Authors: Aleskerova Yu., Todosiichuk V., Fedoryshyna L.
Keywords: industrial enterprises; intellectual property objects; process approach management; management process; process control schemes
Date of publication: 2021-02-22 14:51:42
Last changes: 2021-02-22 14:51:42
Year of publication: 2021
Summary: Under conditions of the technological revolution, computerization and knowledge management, the most important issue for industrial enterprises is to use an effective intellectual property management system. Globali-zation, integration of production and trade operations of different states results in the need to develop the intellec-tual property management in certain processes related to the development, creation and purchase of ready-to-use industrial goods of intellectual property. At the same time, the effectiveness of their application is directed by the implementation rate, which depends on the method of intellectual property management.
The study of literature sources has shown the feasibility of using a process approach to the intellectual prop-erty management, but scientific treatises do not provide the concept, classification and structure of management processes. For this reason, the purpose of writing the article is to define the essence of the "process" concept for the intellectual property management, the composition of its actions aimed at obtaining additional income from the use of objects of this property. To achieve this goal, the following tasks were performed, namely: the essence of the "process" concept is defined as a sequence of actions aimed at obtaining additional income from the use of intellectual property, and consisting of unit operations; the classification of management processes is established - development, use in own business, acquisition and selling of actually created objects of intellectual property in the target market; - development processes control schemes, schemes of use and sale of intellectual property are developed.
Publication type: Статті у зарубіжних наукових фахових виданнях (Copernicus та інші)
Publication: The scientific heritage. Hungary: Budapest, 2021. № 60 (60), vol. 3. Р. 31-41.
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