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Title: Current trends and problems of the market of civil liability insurance of vehicle owners and ways to solve it.
Authors: Martseniuk O.
Keywords: insurance, insured event, traffic accident, OTSPV, "Green Card", CASCO, state regulation of the insurance market,
Date of publication: 2022-05-10 21:53:56
Last changes: 2022-05-10 21:53:56
Year of publication: 2022
Summary: Insurance in general and civil liability insurance, as part of it, is an infrastructure that helps increase the efficiency of all areas of business. This determines the importance of the development of all types of insurance in Ukraine, taking into account the process of Ukraine`s integration into the world community. The development of insurance business in our country should be based on the study and balanced use of experience of industrialized countries with long traditions of insurance market organization, legal regulation of insurers and diversification of various types of insurance. The world community, however, has invented a universal means of redress, which is the most popular type of liability insurance worldwide - civil liability insurance for owners of land vehicles. It provides for the payment of monetary compensation to the victim in the amount that would be collected from the owner of the vehicle on a civil claim in favor of a third party for damage to life and health, as well as for damage or loss of property due to an accident or other road -transport (accident) due to the fault of the insured.
Given the state and prospects of motorization in our country, as well as foreign experience in insurance, we can say with confidence that liability insurance is one of the leading areas among other types of insurance. However, in its organization and implementation there are many different problems of legal, social, economic and organizational nature. The subject of the study is the economic relations that arise in the protection of property interests of persons injured in traffic accidents caused by the fault of the insured. The purpose of the work is a theoretical and practical study of the features of civil liability insurance of vehicle owners and determine on this basis the problems and prospects for the development of motor insurance in our country . In accordance with the set goal, the following tasks were identified: to determine the economic essence and benefits of civil liability insurance of vehicle owners; to consider the experience of foreign countries in the field of liability insurance and the possibility of its introduction in Ukraine; to analyze the current state of motor insurance in Ukraine; identify problems of development of civil liability insurance of vehicle owners in Ukraine and predict the directions of their solution, taking into account foreign experience; provide proposals to improve the efficiency of insurance activities. The scientific novelty of the obtained results is the substantiation of theoretical and methodological bases of strategic development of civil liability insurance of vehicle owners in Ukraine, which allowed to obtain practical and theoretical results that contain scientific novelty, in particular: generalized features of comparative characteristics of liability insurance , property insurance and personal insurance and on the basis of the analysis the essential differences of liability insurance from other branches of insurance are defined that allows to state definitively that liability insurance is an independent branch of insurance; proved a specific feature of liability insurance, which is that the object of insurance is not specific personal property of a citizen or organization, as in property insurance, and the occurrence of events related to life or ability to work of a citizen who entered into a contract, which is typical for personal insurance, and liability to third parties. Thus, the direct object of liability insurance is the economic interest of potential victims, who in each insured event finds a specific monetary expression; the necessity of digitalization of the liability insurance industry is substantiated. Based on the study, it is proved that marketing innovations in motor insurance relate to new sales channels. Today, such a sales channel is the online sale of insurance products, which allows the insured to draw up a contract online, choose the functions that belong to him and pay insurance premiums. At the micro level, innovative development is seen as the process of implementing innovative solutions by insurers that help strengthen their competitiveness, create a unique insurance product for each policyholder individually, improve insurance services and more. Practical significance of the obtained results is to develop and provide recommendations for improving the civil liability insurance of vehicle owners, taking into account the experience of foreign countries.
Publication type: Монографії видані за кордоном
Publication: Scientific monograph. Part 1. Riga, Latvia: Baltija Publishing, 2022. P. 129-158.
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