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Title: Analytical provision of land resources management of the enterprise: state and improvement.
Authors: Gutsalenko L., Mulyk T.
Keywords: analytical provision, land resources management,
Date of publication: 2022-05-10 21:57:36
Last changes: 2022-05-10 21:57:36
Year of publication: 2022
Summary: The purpose of the paper are issues concerning to the analytical provision of land resources. The methodological basis of the study are general scientific and special methods of phenomena cognition and processes in the system of analytical support of land management. The study of the current state of land relations, classification of land resources is based on the use of methods of theoretical generalization, grouping and analogy. Methods of comparison, analysis and synthesis were used to prepare proposals for improving the analytical support of land management. Results. The composition and structure of Ukraine’s land resources, their place in Europe, property relations and land use were evaluated in the course of research. It is determined that the land area of Ukraine as of 01.01.2020 according to the State Service of Ukraine for Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre is 60.3 million hectares. The system of views on land resources as an object of analysis, tasks and purpose of analysis, sequence of analytical operations and procedures aimed at preparing for analysis, analytical data processing and generalization of analytical information are identified and formulated. The main sources of information for the analysis of land resources of agricultural enterprises are primary documents, synthetic and analytical data. Their combination in the process of analytical procedures will increase the value of information and management decisions made on its basis. The system of indicators of land resources analysis is considered. Particular attention is paid to indicators to assess the level of intensity of use and indicators that characterize the efficiency of land use. Analyzing the set of indicators that characterize the state of land resources of agricultural enterprises, it is emphasized the lack of a single methodology and uniform forms of documents to ensure a complete and comprehensive study of land resources. To eliminate this problem, a holistic methodological apparatus is proposed, in which the stages of analytical work are coordinated (obtaining, processing and analyzing information), sources and channels of information, as well as tools, methods, techniques of analysis that allow to obtain appropriate results. An important aspect that contributes to the effectiveness of such work is the choice of rational approaches and methods in accordance with the objects and needs of the analysis. SWOT-analysis of agricultural land use development is presented. Based on the SWOT analysis, it can be seen that development strategies in land use should be aimed at highly efficient use of land resources, to reproduce their fertility. Due to this, high yields of crops will be obtained with minimal costs per unit of output and preservation of productive properties of land. It is stated that it is necessary to anticipate ecological and economic responsibility of landowners and land users for deterioration of soil quality parameters, combination of public and private interests for sustainable land production, use of land resources taking into account community interests, prevision of measures to restore land productivity. Practical implication is the scientific validity and applied orientation of the provisions, approaches and recommendations given in this study, the use of which will improve the organizational and methodological foundations of the analysis of land resources. Value / originality. The use of SWOT analysis in the practice of land management entities, on the one hand, will help eliminate the weaknesses of land use while strengthening its strengths, on the other hand, will fully provide opportunities to take advantage of opportunities that may arise due to action of external factors avoiding threats. SWOT analysis has a significant impact on strategic management decisions aimed at the formation of rational agricultural land use.
Publication type: Монографії видані за кордоном
Publication: Scientific monograph. Part 1. Riga, Latvia: Baltija Publishing, 2022. P. 105-128.
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