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Назва: Ecological and economic evaluation of varietal resources Lupinus albus L. in Ukraine
Автори: Mazur V. A., Mazur K. V., Pantsyreva H. V., Alekseev O. O.
Ключові слова: Lupine white, variety, ecological characteristics, yield, vegetation period, growing zone, direction of use
Дата публікації: 2019-01-30 09:25:14
Останні зміни: 2019-01-30 09:25:14
Рік видання: 2018
Аннотація: Leguminous crops that are studied are strategically needed high protein crops of modern crop production, and economic and bioenergetic valuation of their breeding efficiency is long-range and important issue nowadays. In present-day socioeconomic conditions one of the main problems of agriculture economic sector of Ukraine remains essential increasing and stabilization leguminous crops production, that are the main source of balanced in amino acid composition and content of eco-friendly protein. In the article studied ecological features of the white lupine varieties. The present state of the trends of economic use of lupine has been analyzed and its perspectives have been determined. Established varietal assortment of lupine species
listed in the State reyestu and analyzed dynamics by years of their creation. Powered common characteristic white lupine varieties listed in the Register. Investigated the properties of high-quality varieties of white lupine Veresnevii and Makarovskii. As a result of the research could be argued that variety Veresnevii belongs to the middle-high-yield 3.61 t/ha and is moisture
and light-and variety Makarovskii-to early ripening yield of 3.23 t/ha and is drought resistant. Both varieties are resistant to the disease of spring frost. Comparison of the obtained results with the characteristics of varieties presented by the originator showed the coincidence of varietal characteristics by all indicators.
Тип виданя: Статті Web of Science Core Collection
Видавництво: Ukrainian Journal of Ecology. - 2018. - № 8 (4). - С. 148-153.
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