About the automated library system "Sofia"

  • "Sofia" - is a fully featured electronic automated library system if Vinnytsya National Agrarian University. It consists of the next modules:

    • Catalogue Manager
    • Analytics
    • Book exchange
    • Search system
    • Providing modules
    • Periodicals
    • Bookshelf
    • Ukrainian Literature
    • Fiction
    • Educational literature
    • Repository

  • "Sofia" is fully integrated into the e-learning system "Socratis". Each student or employee has a form library.
  • System architecture is based on client-server technology with WEB-interface. Due to it there is no special software requirements or requirements to the type of computer (for example, to work with it you can even use any device with WEB-browser).
  • Server software platform is LAMP (GNU / Linux-ApacheMySQL-PHP). GPL License.
  • System "Sofia " is open source and written in PHP, JavaScript and Ajax by employees and students of the University. The project is constantly evolving.
  • Due to the chosen strategy, we are free to choose the future direction of the project.
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