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Title: Насіннєва продуктивність сої за дії стимулюючих препаратів росту
Authors: Вдовенко С. А., Шевчук В. В., Шевчук О. А., Дєдов О. В.
Keywords: plant growth stimulators, morphogenesis, hypocotyl, germination and germination energy, soybean (Оіусіпе тах)
Date of publication: 2021-06-03 10:15:04
Last changes: 2021-06-03 10:15:04
Year of publication: 2021
Summary: Biostimulants are the kind of "doping", due to which crops gain great vitality for crop formation. Growth stimulating drugs make a positive effect on the soil microflora, they are rapidly transformed by soil microorganisms, plant cells. The aim of the work was to substantiate scientifically the use of stimulating growth regulators –Epin-extra, Agorostimulin, Rival, and Kornevin, as the elements of soybean growing technology;to identify their effect on biological characteristics and seed productivity of the crop. The research was conducted on soybean variety Millennium. Pre-sowing experimental treatments of seeds were carried out with aqueous solutions of Epin-extra (0,025 g l), Agorostimulin (1 ml/l), Rival (1 ml/l) and Kornevin (0,5 g/l), and control – with water. During the study laboratory germination and energy of germination of seeds, and also morphometric indicators of seedlings and roots were defined. It was found that the pre-sowing treatment of soybean seeds of Millennium variety with stimulant drugs – Epin-extra (0,025 g/l), Agorostimulin (1 ml/l), Rival (1 ml/l) and Cornevin (0,5 g/l) increased seed productivity. In all variants of the experiment, both germination energy and seed germination were increased. It was found that the most effective drugs for the increase of germination energy and seed germination of Millennium soybeans are Epin-extra (0,025 g/l) and Agorostimulin (1 ml/l).
Under the action of plant growth stimulators, morphometric changes occurred in soybean seedlings. The drugs affected the length of the hypocotyls in seedlings of soybean culture. Under the use of Epin-extra (0,025 g/l) the length of hypocotyls increased by 18 %, under the action of Agorostimulin (1 ml/l) – by 32 %, under Cornevin (0,5 g/l) treatment - by 41 % and after the use of the drug Rival (1 ml/l) – by 85 %. Stimulators helped to lengthen the main root of soybean seedlings. The largest indicator of the length of the main root was found under the treatment of such drugs Riaval and Agorostimulin. It was found that all studied drugs contributed to the regrowth of lateral roots in soybean seedlings, but the best effect was observed under the usage of the drug Cornevin (0,5 g/l).
Publication type: Статті у наукових фахових виданнях України (Copernicus та інші)
Publication: Сільське господарство та лісівництво. 2021. C. 34-46.
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